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Senator Liz Stefanics

A Champion for All of Us

Dear Neighbor,

As your State Senator from District 39, it’s been an honor and a privilege to work on your behalf to ensure that you have a voice in our Legislature. I hope you will continue to support me as I run for re-election in 2024.


With your support, I will continue to be an advocate for all New Mexicans. From years of experience working in healthcare and social services, I know how to navigate complicated bureaucracies at the county, state and federal level, and I have a history of standing up to powerful interests, demanding accountability, and getting results.


I welcome your input on what you’d like our Legislature to prioritize for the upcoming session.

If you need to get in touch with me, please email me at, or call me at 505/699-4808.

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As a progressive, my track record shows that I work equally hard on behalf of those who live in rural areas (small communities, acequias, land grants, farmers and ranchers) as well as those who live in more urban areas.

During the legislative session, I chair the Senate Conservation Committee and serve on the Senate Rules Committee. During the interim (May through December), I chair the Water and Natural Resources Committee and serve on the Legislative Health and Human Services Committee, the Economic and Rural Development Committee, the Land Grant Committee, the Investment and Pensions Committee, the Revenue Stabilization and Tax Policy Committee, and the Legislative Ethics Committee.

In the 2023 Legislative session, I worked to help pass legislation to:

  • Make communities whole again after a season of devastating fires and floods.

  • Provide special appropriations for state and local roads, local law enforcement, broadband access and expansion, and investments in alternative energy.

  • Implement a tax package providing relief to working families and ease the burden on small businesses.

  • Protect patients and keep our doctors and health care practitioners from losing vital malpractice coverage.

Recent accomplishments include:

  • The Rural Health Care Fund – Supporting health care professionals, clinics and hospitals in developing or expanding services, because all New Mexicans deserve accessible and affordable healthcare.

  • The Water Security Act, Regional Water Systems, Acequia Funds and the Strategic Water Reserve because here in New Mexico, water is life.

  • The Opportunity Scholarship, providing higher education training through a variety of ways so our young people can move forward in our economy.

  • Paving the way for Community Solar, Energy Storage and the Climate Investment Center.

  • Multiple funding for Senior Nutrition Programs.

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